Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Treasury of Quran Stories Gift Box-2


A Treasury of Quran Stories Gift Box-2

ISBN :8178983532
Author :Saniyasnain Khan
Publisher :Goodword Books
Page :Box
Binding : Hardbound

Description from the publisher :
Contains four Quran Stories for Little Hearts Hardbound books. The Quran is full of exciting stories, adventures, teachings and prayers, which show Allah’s love for us and explain what He requires from us as believers in and sincere servants of our Creator. Four Books are: The Builder of the Kabah, Allah’s Best Friend, The Uzayr’s Donkey, The Sleepers in the Cave.

This Gift Box contains the following books:

* The Builder of the Kabah (HB)
* Allah's Best Friend (HB)
* The Sleepers in the Cave (HB)
* Uzayr's Donkey (HB)


Hanin Farhana said...

Salam.. kalau nak beli this gift box, macam mane ye?

knv said...

salam dik. boleh email akak at nanti akak reply. thanks for your interest. :D


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