Tuesday, July 3, 2012

we are not perfect... so..

be better! improve. start doing. stop complaining. do more. talk less.

mari kita berhenti jadi manusia yang banyak kerenah. stop finding faults with the world, where the faults are actually within ourselves.

stop explaining. stop pleasing others. it's okay if we are different. we are only supposed to please the Almighty. The Creator. The Ultimate One.

don't be bugged down with things that does not matter. embrace the important ones.

read the Quran. everyday please. the words will protect us more than we can ever imagine. feel the Quran vibrates inside us. feel what The Creator tried to outline. the promises. the warnings. the way to heaven and hell. the happy verses. the sad ones. the frightening ones.

may at last we'll find peace with ourselves.



anaa said...

amiin.. may we find the peace ...

transformed housewife said...


Min Aina Ila Aina said...

bak kata guru saya, mudahkan urusan lain, bukan menyusahkan perkara yang mudah.


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