Friday, June 19, 2009


"i don't understand you. first, you are a total cynic. second, you are passion-less!"

my handsome boss retorted.

i shot him a sharp glance. winching inside, i must say.

wow. wow. wow.

the great me. a cynical now. a dispassionate cynical to be exact. where did all the glorious days gone to? what am i becoming? i gulped silently, my mind racing rapidly to find the right words to defend myself. why do i think that i need to defend myself nowadays? great. he'd forgotten another trait.

i'm cynical, dispassionate, and also defensive.

"you just don't understand" that was all i managed.

he laughed out aloud. "exactly my point. why are you like this?"

oh how i would love to answer that in details. but that would take a seriously long journey through my eyes. and not to forget, a very exhausting journey.

"things happened to me faster, earlier. i think i'm already a feminist when i was barely 15. i starts motivating people since what? 17? 18? i do social works, involved in charity organisation, travel to nice parts of the world.. " my voice trailed down. why do i even care to explain?

"never mind that. the point is. i'm simply exhausted now. i just want to sit back, and relax. let someone else care. it's like fighting a losing battle, you know?"

he smiled, amused a little. and then we skipped to the next topic. the usual topic. on why he can't understand his wife. he was doing the defending part this time, oh yes. and i was smiling from ear to ear.


is simple. but i think we are making it not so simple.


CY3.5 said...

pergh.. macam baca ayat novel.. tertusuk kalbu den.

MN said...

perghhh...lama gila kak non berhibernasi!
welcome back.

suealeen said...

i was once a cynic person.. pastu tak reti nak sit back and relax. kerja², back kata Maria Shriver, petik jari.. next³. but Syafiah has taught me a lot. one of them is to slow down my step and relax.

auspicious_me said...

salam, lama x update.donno what the hell have u gone thru.take a deep breath my dear.

Fid said...

ini transformasi apa plak ni???

rizza said...

jadik transformer kot fid..

m-i-o said...

they say,
simplify your life.

whoa, as simple as that (?)

they never realise,
to teach is to learn twice.

to make it simple,
first you must understand it in a complicated way. after you mess up your life - then only you know,

oh, how simple it is!

to me, simple means simpul.
(read: otak bersimpul)

Mama Adib said...

im dizzy... motivation type apakah ini

Erna said...

akak!! miss you bebeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yer la macam citer novel ;)

NeroEcha said...

Kak non dok lama senyap sekali muncul mcm novel lak entry dia..ape kess ni?

mommysarah said...

awat mcm down sesangat knv???

rileks k...miss u'r "weng"


HUda said...

mmmm aku rasa sungguhlah amat paham... takpa...lepas ni dah fly dok jauh..hang tulis novel je least boleh sit down n menulis kan?


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