Thursday, June 25, 2009

you made my day

remember my former Executive Director from here?

well, he's happily settled in Melbourne now. with tonnes of money and plenty of time as well. (wait. Mr. XXX, we should have switched places. I knew you still missed working so much, as much as me hating it! so what you say? :P)

we are still very much in touch with each other via e-mails and sms-es.

most of the time, i write my heart out to him. mostly about my 'unhappiness' with the new boss environment. :P

yesterday i replied him one lengthy email after few weeks of hiatus. and this morning came the reply from him. which really made my day.

he already knew that i'm leaving for that so-called 1-year UPL. in a way, it is surely easier for me to leave when he is no longer here. it would be a heart-ache to leave a mentor behind, yes?

ok, i just want to share these paras from his emails:-

"Well, without you around I could not see much progress if the company were to do solo, unless a very capable replacement is found."


"You have certainly acquired lots of confidence in yourself which is fantastic. I have been telling people that compared to the mentri besars, the datok2 and the tan sris, many of us are better qualified and able. So why cant we feel we can do the top job in a company? Confidence is the essence of success."

oh oh oh oh!

there's a warm glow deep in my heart.

mr. XXX, i thank you for thinking highly of me. as much as i feel that i hate my job, it is good to know that i have actually contributed important things to the company. and i will be leaving a good name behind. perhaps the people here will miss me not because i'm a good friend to be around with, but simply because there will be a hell of a time to find my replacement.

ha ha ha ha ha!

yea... mak amat poyo hari ni deknon :P



Marisa said...

yg penting hati gumbira!

mirah said...

tetiba i rasa you should be the ptd.
Ada kaitan ke?heheh..

knv said...


to be or not to be ...

HUda said...

HAHAHA... hati bunga2...kerja mcm macai bagai ...hehe... cian kite ek.. huhu..jgn lupe lepas setahun nanti aku jadi promoter hang...jual buku hahahaha

Nur said...

sis dpt keje gomen ke? *sengal*

knv said...

tu nak kena plan bebetul. aku ngan plan ni selalunya hancus!!

idak lagi... :P

mamaDhea said...

takpe poyo.. janji hati gumbiraaa.. :P

Ms Lola said...

HAku jugak yg rasa down ni tau.

Sis, pi bukak engineering company satu.

knv said...

a..aa.. bagi can sikit :P

bukak engineering company?

itu namanya keluar mulut singa masuk mulut dinasour!



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