Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sambung: how to earn more money

a'la knv! :D

1. berilmu dan beramal. bak kata orang jawa, be knowledgeable and apply your knowledge accordingly. kalau nak dapat lebih dari orang lain, make sure you know MORE than the other people. so acquire skills and knowlegde as fast as you could, ahead of others. read more books if you must. take on courses.

2. bring SOLUTION to your field. NOT problem. the masses of people seriously do not care about your problems. they only want you to offer them solutions. so stop complaining in front of others. stop whining. divert your negative thoughts to someplace else. kalau terasa nak mengeluh dan mengomplen, ask yourself first, have i done the best that i could to NOT be in this situation? deep down you will know the answer.

3. be competitive. the marketplace will only award the best of the best. know your 'enemies'. the strength and witnesses. understand your scope of work by heart, and offer something beyond that. client mintak satu, kita bagi dua. client mintak dua, kita bagi tiga and so forth. belajar untuk jadi pemudahcara, so people will keep coming back to you for more.

4. spiritually, learn only to please Allah, and the world will be easier on you. no problem is as huge as Allah. nil. so practically there's nothing to be worried about, as long as we put 100% of our fate to Allah. '...tiada yang dapat menahan apa yang Engkau beri dan tiada yang dapat memberi apa yang Engkau tahan...'. so remember, aim to please Allah, and the world will come to you. moreover this faith will make it easier for us to 'bounce' back after each fall.

5. be 'valueable' in your own way. find your niche and manipulate(?) it to the max. so that you can be distinguished from the others. so that the bosses can single you out from the lots. so that client will know your specific expertise. kita masing2 ada kelebihan dan kekurangan tersendiri. tapi kalau kelebihan kita lebih menonjol dari kekurangan, then we are in the right track. people do notice this kind of thing and you will be rewarded accordingly.

6. see problems as challenges, and opportunities to be better and higher. ini sesungguhnya soal sikap dan pilihan kita dalam menangani kehidupan. it's a cycle that defines us as the person we are. bila kita being stretched to the limit, only 2 things can happen, either it's going to break us, or either it's going to make us stronger, better, more flexible, etc. choose the latter. yes, it's about choice. YOU choose. kalau boleh hidup dengan attitude ini, you will attract money from many directions, IA.

7. jangan cepat sentapzzzzz :P. everything you do, focus on the bigger picture. adakah kita ingat kita akan berjaya tanpa dugaan? dream on baybeh! bak kata adik pakcik woha, berani untuk gagal. define your purpose in life. why you do what you do? stay on track. abaikan perkara2 picisan yang luar2 tu. don't easily take offend. don't take it personal. don't be defensive. don't be too humble. for goodness sake, it's purely business!

there you go. you are now ready to take the first step to earn riches and fame! :P


Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Sesuai diaplikasikan untuk saya juga..cuma saya ubah tajuknya: Bagaimana untuk mencapai kejayaan.

Anonymous said...

eh..ada sambungan beb? ngehehehe...
ya..ya...aku paham :p

Fid said...


knv said...

kih kih kih.. abes takkan drama melayu je ada sambungan? :P


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