Tuesday, April 1, 2014

life as it is

it has been a while. pheww.
this place used to be my medan perang. haha. my-internal-outlet bak kata mio. where the hell are you now M-I-O? please reply my email. so that i know you are still in one piece. somewhere on earth. :D
many things have been going on. many many things. we lost. we gain. we laugh. we cry. dah namanya hidup macam tu la kan. dah namanya org Islam, tak kan berhenti ujian selagi tak mati. nangis la kau camna nak rak pun.. keluar air mata darah pun.. still we need to feel the pain. tearing our hearts to millions of pieces. the pain. the pain. sampai kita pasrah yang kita langsung takleh harap sesapa pun kat muka bumi ini selain Allah. itulah tarbiah Allah. people let us down. the dunia let us down. if only we are ready to accept this fully in our heart. may each pain helps us to a better start.
yes. im in a middle of crisis as well. and i hv only two choices. let myself drowned in it.. or to just fight back. what fight back? meaning just hand it over to Allah. He is indeed our Mighty Creator after all. ya Allah, settle my worries for me. and what's my problem compared to the universe? it's just a microscopic dust. maybe smaller.
later dude.


Suhaiza Sadri said...

salam ukhwah sis. azasuhaiza.blogspot.com

knv said...

salam sis. hugsss. :D

mirah said...

lamanya tak dgr berita akak..
ehe eh sayapun dah lama tak update blog juga...

take care kak.
How's ur master? dah graduate ke?


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