Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the thing that keep you sane

allocate some times daily untuk dengar kuliah agama. no matter wherever we are. internet is everywhere now. and youtube can be a very powerful tool. 10-15 mins daily. insyaAllah jiwa kita akan sentiasa terisi.
u can start with the ustaz and ustazah you know and familiar with. my favorite ones are Dr. MAZA, Ustazah Norhafizah Musa, Ustaz Shamsuri, Ustaz Shaari Abdul Rahman, Ustaz Zaharudin, Ustaz Kazim, etc.
or can buy CD and listen to it on the way to work and back home.
it will keep us sane. it's the perfect food for the soul. the ilmu we gather in this 15 mins or so, will protect us in ways unimaginable. we will be reminded in daily basis. and semoga usaha kecil kita ini dapat perhatian dari Allah. moga2 at the end of the day walaupun dengan dosa2 kita yang menimbun, Allah akan kesian kat kita dan ampunkan dosa2 kita.
the highest recognition we can ever get, is by simply being a HAMBA ALLAH.



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