Monday, April 4, 2011

love note from my sweet darling

i was rummaging my handbag, when i noticed a folded envelope stashed inside among the other craps. there's heart at the front, and at the right hand top corner stated my name and hubby's. i smiled. there's warmth flooding inside.

waited until i arrived at the office to take my own sweet time to read through the content. i was touched. aisyah is indeed the most sensitive one of the lots. she's keen to please, think a lot and really smart in her own quiet way. she would be the first to worry if she can't do well, that takes after me very much! :D

so here is the content. aisyah dear, mommy n ayah loves you very much, too!


TopsyTurvyMum said...

so sweettttt!!

Nanti jgn lupa kasi note kat mak mertua camni jugak tawww!

madamoiselleczar said...

huhuhuhu..syahdu tak ko kak non :p
btw, aku dapat love notes from Danial EVERYDAY hokkay...punyer lah dah bertimbun mak simpan dlm kotak ajaib dia....
siap Danial paksa aku baca depan dia lagik nyah....saiko tak saiko nyer anak haku tuh :p
anak2 mmg patut dihargai dan disayangi.....*tetiba rasa nak lari pelok Danial buleh?

knv said...

ttm, awwww.. sudi ko nak berbesan ngan aku nyahhhhhh! bestnyaaaaa! buleh aku ngendeng makan sedap2 gituuuuuu :P

madam, kengkadang syahdu la gak. tapi kalo dah bertimbun tu aku saring2 jugak mana nak simpan mana nak dihumban hahahahhaha! :D

m-i-o said...

perghhh. kagum!
i guess i'm not good in expressing my feelings like aisyah. i'm the typical malay - i suppress everything inside :P

knv said...

mio, itu makan dalam namanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P


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