Wednesday, April 20, 2011

things i missed!

cooking.. baking..trying out new recipes that caught my attention in the net. seriously!

sighhh. i don't know what becomes of me now. i was nor here neither there. macam diawang-awangan gitu.

so i can say that spending time in the kitchen is one of my mojos seperti entry dibawah hahah! it makes me happy. i can be very exhausted in the office/at site but once i decide to take out the mixer at 6pm, the huge tong berisi koko powder, tepung, caster sugar, vanilla essence, etc; i'm seriouly high! my cluttered mind seems to be able to de-clutter itself with each beating of the eggs. priceless! :D hilang semua penat lelah satu hari.

so now i'm finding excuse to do this often. aku suka bangat kalau kawan2 ajak buat potluck ke apa ke hahah. so i have excuse to bake again. sabtu ni we are having a small gathering. aku nak buat kapkek KCT dan mushroom soup with fresh bake buns. omg i can't wait!! :D



Azlina_yahya said...

ohhh...nie ropernya mojo kome...good for u...mmg bole insane dibuatnya...ada try buat roti?

knv said...

ye ye.. roti, donut all the likes tu semua :D

Anonymous said...

I missed travelling erk... Long holiday... Away from my hectic work :(

knv said...

oh madam, itu pun best! tapi modal besau. sekali sekali ok lah. aku ni kalau nak hangkut semua sekali memang kena ada dua tiga ketul emas dulu baru boleh buat plan muahahhahah!

nelcyndana said...

bestnya piknik kat tgh2 KL ;-) Enjoy kak non. Kitaorg pulak suka piknik + barbeku kat tepi sungai... best.

knv said...

nelcy, piknik kat umah orang muahahah!


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